December 31, 2010

Head Shot

Victory's sweet.. :)
Everything tastes super cavity sweet yesterday.

My Proposal's accepted.
So I can move on with the real term paper.

The book that I ordered few weeks ago has finally arrived.
Now I can work on my term paper, again.

FINALLY, after a few months of effort finishing Resident Evil 4,

Oh yeah.
FYI, Saddler's the final boss.
He's a tough nut to crack though. :/
But hey, blowing the crap out of his head felt REALLY good. :D
That's something a girl shouldn't say. :p

This is what the battle's like.
But that player used a lot of mine darts and preferred to use his own hands.
I used my brain though. XD
A couple of Magnum, a rocket launcher and the facilities they got there.
No mess.
Less than 7 minutes.

Bapak ah cakap besa. XD
[Resident Evil 2 & 4, check. Final Fantasy 7,8,9, check. Parasite Eve 1&2, check. Eh, what else ah? Oh. Persona 4, check. Hn..]

December 29, 2010

Doodle: Fire in ze hole!

Nak pegi menembak
Berkarat camera aku kat rumah!

ps: Gambar adalah hiasan semata2

December 28, 2010

Within the Walking Distance

So cold.

Tiny speckles of those white flakes keep pouring down and melts as they touch the virgin ground. She gazes from the pane of her own pied-à-terre, eyes rest on a murky yet seemingly warm room across.


Bitter smile carves on her face. Reaching for her long black trench coat, she heads out towards the road reservedly as a mule. The night befalls darker, not a trace of shadow but her own keeping her company.

Ah... So long has this flee become?

Her long legs sullen from the walk, she leans on the sleeping old cedar, facing the frozen lake. So sombre the moon beams her remaining lights before she too, falls asleep like the old cedar. Chafing her cheeks for heat, her eyes and thoughts still forlorn.

"Why do you have to stay so vivid in me?"

Tears break from the pond of her eyelids. One must remained enemy, one is destined to be enemy, the words of her forefathers bleed her ears. A gush of warm wind touches her back. Viciously she stands, immobilising the hand of the dark tall figure behind her. But it is his, first seizing her right hand and rest it on his chest. This warmth, she knows it.

"Because your heart belongs to me, for it is mine, that belongs to you."

A slight of the moon's gleam falls onto him, revealing his slate grey hair and crimson red left eye.
Him. The dweller of that inviting room, the dweller of her whole being.

December 25, 2010

Onna no Chikara!!!

Hello, I'm Rudolf the rain deer with red gleaming nose.
Not magic but flu. XD
*Stuffing more tissues inside nostril

I seldom get sick but once they strike me, haha.
Almost hospitalised once. XD
Nice. Just what I need when I got my term paper,
tests, etcetra etcetra going on.
Can't sleep...
Gomen kudasai, hahaue.
Oyaku ni tatenakute sumimasen.
Atama to hana ga itai desu. T.T

I look exactly like Yui's condition.

Power up!
Ima super gal!
Onna no chikara!!!
* puts on girl power songs and head bangs till morning

December 23, 2010


I still can't put off the dream of owning a BJD.
The thing is, it is very hard to find a good looking Japanese BJD.
I guess the Korean did it better.
(And this coming from a Japanese stuff fan!)

I didn't say Japan BJD makers sucks,
perhaps they are more towards making loli-shota-looking (young cute boys) dolls.
Gehh..I like bishies but not shota.
But hey, look what I just found!

Meet Kamimura Minoru. :3
Super Dolfie Limited Edition type.
Cho~ taipu!!!!!!!
(Bye bye Patrick! XD)

But it's not always a bed or roses.
He costs $1210.
Convert to Malaysian Ringgit : RM 3790. . . .
Mak will definitely chased me with sweeping broom all the way to Thailand borders.
Read the label girl, LIMITED EDITION...

The least I can do is to dream.
He's so out of budget.
See you when I got RM 100,000 Kamimura-kun! T.T

He's so darn cute :3

December 19, 2010


hari ini aku meratap melihat page online game yang selalu aku main dulu.
Cerberus yang aku rindui..
Dek kerana laptop aku tak menepati spec most of online games sekarang,
aku cuma mampu tengok dan melelehkan air liur.
Dah tak boleh panggil diri hardcore gamer lagi.
Babai, Shin Megami Tensei..

Hensem an?

December 17, 2010

Doodle: The Dream w/o Pennies

Malam yang sejok.
I just noticed that this is the 104th post here in bologger. com.
No celebration.
Unless your gonna foot the bill for me. :D

how to say,
how I wish,
I have all the money in the world.
Bapak tamak. XD

Suppressing the desire that
has been kept for the
last 6 months,
I finally had enough of it.
Yeah sure, blame me for
having a weird and
expensive hobby.
Should I get a macro lens or a BJD?
They cost almost the same.
I want both!

Why do BJDs have to cost so much? T.T
And no outlet from Malaysia. Chi.
Dream on baby, dream on...
Hic. Hic.

Bye bye, Shall.
Bye bye, A&D.
Bye bye, Patrick Limited Edition.

*wink wink

Please, no dirty thoughts.
I just want them to be my photo shoot models.

December 16, 2010

Doodle: Stressed out mode

I hate lesson plans.
I don't want to be a teacher.
I don't like to be forced to do things that are out of my multiple intelligences.
And then calling me stupid for not being able to accomplish it.
Who's stupid now?
You call a truck driver stupid because he does not excel in his academics?
Geez, just put a gun in my mouth and end my life.
I'm no robot, IF YOU NOTICED.

December 10, 2010

The Mundane Morning

Assalamualaikum. :)
Sopannye anak sapelah ni..

It's 5 in the morning and my head is filled with thoughts, instead of dreams.
This insomnia is killing me. But I guess the bright side will be having a serene environment to think and reflect my day. Today's main concern will be the solid fact that I'm such a pathetic cry baby and sensitive but also thoughtless human being.

Mak text me yesterday, sounded so down about her boss being admitted to the hospital, diagnosed for brain tumour. I don't really know that person. Met him during the department's family day, packed with energy and refreshing aura, making anyone instantly comfortable being around him. Also, a person who will defend his co-workers at all cost, making him the most lovable superior. It's an epic story, too good to be true but yeah, he's real.

But Mak was probably missing me for not going back over a week. You can't resist having me around do ya, Mak? :)

And the fact that some fella acting up all racist, ruining my night. Geez... if you can't live in a multi-racial environment, just get the hell outta Malaysia. Sicko. You never belong here in the first place the moment you become all racist.

And the prime concern of the day, guys that love toying around with the girls around them. Fragility and innocence makes this kind girls the easy target. And all that a guy have to do is to fake his care for the girl and she fall head over heels. You can never trust those smooth operator, sweet-talking guy right? It's okay Aya, you have me. :) It's his lost, toying around with a nice girl like you. Yeah. Remind me why I have trustworthy issues toward males.

In the end, all that's left is me. Sitting alone in the dark channelling the brain waves into thoughts and later takes over by the fingers to code them as letters-words-sentences. There goes Syntax and Morphology.
Alas, have a nice morning to begin with.
I'm going back to sleep.
*takes Mr.Sony, pushes the play button for YuXMishi's Akane and fall into deep sleep

December 4, 2010


Eh. Assalamualaikum.
Saya rindu mahu bologing.

Saya kemaruk mahu pegi shooting.
Siapa mahu ajak saya?
Tapi saya belum basuh baju lagi.
Term paper proposal pun tak siap lagi.
Tolong buatkan boleh?
Saya upah RM 10.

Saya yang mahu pergi Kamchatka,
sekian terima kaseh. :D

October 22, 2010


Testing & Evaluation paper buat aku tidur less than 3 hours.
Dengan additional assignment kena hantar waktu tu jugak.
Redha la.
Aku pun balas dendam bantai tidur lepas lunch.

Aku naik la tangga ke hall depan rumah. Yang pelik ruang tamu tu tak bercat,tingkap semua tertutup kecuali pintu utama. Kat situ aku nampak Atuk, duduk dikerusi malas dengan ketayap putih, t-shirt pagoda putih dengan kain pelekat warna hijau kegemaran dia. Bila Atuk nampak aku dia terus senyum lebar. Aku tak ingat apa Atuk cakap dalam bahasa Jawa tapi bunyinya macam terima kasih sebab jenguk dia sambil tersenyum. Dalam hati aku terdetik, dah lama aku tak nampak Atuk senyum sampai macam tu.

Aku tanya Atuk,
"Atuk arek opo2?" Atuk nak ape2 tak?
"Iki.. Wedang e diisi.." Ini.. tolong isikan air.
Atuk jawab dengan senyum lagi sambil tangan dia tunjuk botol air kosong sebelah kerusi dia.

Memang kebiasaan kalau Atuk minta sebotol air sebab kaki dia dah tak larat nak ulang alik ke dapur. Rumah kampung biasalah kena turun naik tangga. Aku pun ambillah botol kosong tu. Happy sangat sebab tengok Atuk macam tu.

Aku tuanglah air dari cerek masuk dalam botol. Mak cik aku yang tinggal dekat rumah tu masuk dapur dan sapa aku.
"Cah, jangan ke ruang tamu sangat. Sejak Atuk dah tak ada ni kitorang jarang duduk kat situ jadi dah lama tak kemas.."

Tersentap aku dengar bila mak cik aku cakap 'sejak Atuk dah tak ada'. Tangan aku masih pegang botol yang Atuk pesan suruh isi air. Menangis juga aku kat situ.

Terbangun aku dari tidur. Sedar2 pipi aku basah. Aku rasa sedih yang teramat. Sampaikan aku menangis teresak2 atas katil. Aku kecewa sangat. Masa Atuk meninggal, aku tak ada dengan dia. Aku cuma dapat berita dari Mak sehari selepas Atuk dikebumikan sebab waktu tu aku masih dalam final exam. Mak cakap tak nak ganggu aku. Aku tak sempat minta maaf dengan Atuk. Aku tak sempat nak jaga Atuk waktu Atuk sakit. Aku terkesan sangat. Tapi Atuk masih boleh ucap terima kasih sebab jenguk dia. Walhal aku sendiri yang lupa Atuk dah tak ada. Dan satu2nya benda yang aku buat untuk Atuk sepanjang dia kurang sihat cuma isikan botol air dia. Dan aku kesal sebab waktu ni aku bukan dalam keadaan yang membolehkan aku nak kirimkan bacaan Al-Quran untuk Atuk. Al-Quran hijau yang Atuk bagi pada aku.

Al-Fatihah untuk Atuk.

Orang Analysis

Ini merupakan parody kepada item analysis.
Boikot ilmu hisab dalam TESL! haha.

Tak faham human behaviour.
Kalaulah semua orang bersifat hitam dan putih saje.
Tak ada hidden gray circular di antaranya.
Kan lagi senang nak interpret.

Mungkin juga perlu guna testing and evaluation untuk manusia.
Bukan untuk kira markah students saje.

Jangan nak bertarik tali dengan aku.
Aku tak suka.
Hitam kata hitam. Putih kata putih.
I don't tolerate with hidden meanings any more.
Kau tak tahukah aku yang sekarang lebih kejam dari dulu?

Tak sabar aku nak delete semua ni dari hidup aku.
Soon enough.
Farewell, crappy human civilisation.

October 19, 2010

Tarikh Luput

Dah tua rupanya aku.
Tahun depan dah 22.
Last Saturday Mak dah keluar statement mintak cucu.
Rasa macam nak terkeluar black pepper spicy chicken mcdeluxe melalui hidung.
Cucu kucing acceptable tak Mak?

Tak ada plan nak kerja apa.
Aku bukan teacher yang baik, tak nak tanggung dosa.
Abah kata kerja dengan MAS buleh dapat free tickets.
Tapi tak buleh jadi acik baju batik kain belah tu.
I'm screwed.

October 9, 2010

The Best Friend, The Villain

Define the term 'best friend'.

Best friend means you share your thoughts, happiness, sad, worries and secret with each other.

A best friend is someone who would die for you.
Nah, WAY to fancy.

Best friend is a person you know well and regard with affection and trust.
Heh. Seriously?

My definition of best friend?
A best friend is just a mere manipulation tool in realising your heart's content.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I drove my car out of the residents area. An old man was guiding the kids to cross the road, cycling and walking to their school. He let me pass once the kids were safely on the other side of the road.

"Whoa Kak, you scared the hell outta me!"

My brother said to me, showing a supposed-to-be-scared gesture. I didn't see that coming. He always told me that I drive like a turtle and so on that I get on his nerves and he'll grab the car keys whenever we plan to go out with the same car. So yeah. Hearing him said that kinda puzzled me.

"What? What did I do?"
"You did a sharp cornering. A reckless one. Not the cool-like one."
"Did I?"
"Hell, yeah."

Hmm. I was wondering if I really did that. I didn't know why. Well- since my colleagues gave me the title of "Pemandu Paling Berhemah" in campus. Haha. Guess not. Probably because I had a lot on my mind. Things that were..not clarified, just hanging and tangling on my being. But I managed to maintain my composure so far. I know I've grown firmer. Well- considering that my late granpa passed away just 3 days before my birthday this year. Still a traumatic event for me.

Aie, my brother, he just can't seem to maintain his seriousness for more that a few minutes. Unlike me. He's just the kind of person that can make everyone around him laugh their hearts out and instantly like him. So unlike me. You can say that we're like twins but with different personalities. Well- he was born on the fifth of May and me on the tenth of May. Just from different year. He's an easy-going person and I'm a, well- serious person. I don't know how to make jokes. But one thing that I'm sure is that we're both very stubborn, persistent people.

Back to the story. So I drove my car. Aie was going to Mak's office to get the car so he could go to the clinic and I could go to the class. I was in a very gloomy mood at that time. I tried to talk to him but he was in a very silly mood he was doing the sorts of turbo and nos sounds whenever I changed the gear and stuff. How can I not laugh if he kept doing that? That's my point! Despite his fever he could pull some jokes and made me laugh! Well it's kinda annoying since he was not concentrating on our conversation but I guess I could tolerate that.

What makes me think so hard is that how can he still stay in a very happy, euphoric being despite his unpleasant history? By unpleasant history means being back stabbed by his best friend and his first love. Yeah he looks all giggly and happy but he's one naive person. Really naive. One that can be influenced over so easily. It just seemed that our family has a bloodline of being back stabbed at.

Abah. Scammed and lost quite an amount of money.
That particular creature has no heart towards someone as not in a healthy condition as my father.
That particular creature is called a "best friend".

Mak. She almost lost her friends, her employer's trust and her job.
By a creature named "best friend".

Aie. He became the 'doormat' of that creature's 'dirt', and blamed for something he never did.
Nearly got beaten up. And that creature's family was cursing all of us like hell, like we're some sort of slime. Sin.
That creature, is also called as "best friend".

Yeah. Been there a few times. Need not I say more.

Mak's words continued to linger my daily life. "There's no such thing as best friends. I've gone through a difficult time and I don't want you to get hurt like me. Human are selfish creatures. They'll always find a way to use you." Despite her words, she never had a problem in socialising with people. In fact, her colleagues love her so much. They respect her. Her junior officemates calls her "Mak". Her bosses look up on her. She always flaunt that beautiful smiles of her. No one would've guess that she had been through such a hard time. So does Abah and Aie. As if those things never affect them. I adore them so much. Aie, he's more mature than me. I guess I gotta learn a piece of them.

All the way to class I was wondering so hard that my brain will popped out like popcorn. I really, really wanted to cry but it seemed like my tears had dried. I could no longer cry ever since granpa left me. That was the last time I cried. Well- exclude the time when I watched Aslan died in the hands of the White Witch. The trigger is that I had a cold time with someone that I dearly care for. It happened quite a few times but this time it was more..intense. I didn't know where it went wrong. I never thought that my un-talkative being could cause a catastrophe.

If they knew me well, they'll know that I won't talk unless I have something to talk about. No redundancy. That's what they all said. No news means good news. But that seemed to be mistaken as an arrogant attitude. Well- if you regularly define arrogant as not talking to anyone unless you need to then I guess, yeah. I'm arrogant then. I admit it. It's not that I don't care of the people around me. It's just that I'm not good at talking to people. The least I could do is to glance and smile at them. You don't expect everyone to be talkative. Some people just talk whenever there's necessity. I'm just that kind of person.

And don't expect me to be someone's best friend. I'm not that regular kind of person. It takes me sometime to consider someone as my 'best friend', considering of my bad history with people called 'best friends'. Sorry to say that I have a trustworthy issue. I hardly trust people. Forgive me for being an paranoia. Those incidents were like a permanent scars that will continue to bleed.

Forgive me for being too sensitive but insensitive towards anyone. I've grown accustomed of not being care of by anyone else. I don't know how to love or to express my love. And I don't believe in the notion of having a best friend. Perhaps there are close friends and good acquaintance but not best friends. Forgive me.

I'd rather be the villain.
I've had enough of being the victim.
I guess I am the villain now.
I'll always be.
But I'll continue to love you.

October 5, 2010

To You From Far

I could hardly sleep yesterday.
I wonder why.

You came so sudden across my mind.
I wonder why.

I fell asleep filled with thoughts of you.
I wonder why.

There, you came to me in my dream.
I wonder why.

Your big brown jacket felt so warm
As warm as your smile when you sat in front of me.
Gazing towards me.
I wonder why.

I woke up, catching my breath silently.
Staring to the fan spinning above me.
I wonder why.

Do you have the answer?
I would like to know what.

September 30, 2010


What a bummer.
Stupid spam you agonized me.
Now you've turned my remaining days from "Say It Again" to "Rush".
Nak lari pegi Wales dengan Ili lah.

Tetiba rasa macam exaggerating pulak. Lantak kaulah.
Kuul people never exaggerate.

Mungkin juga perlu kurangkan lagi berfesbuk.
Mugkin perlu fokus dengan Wales.
Jangan asek tido dalam kelas beliau.

September 20, 2010


Hai. Aku stress.
Stress sangat2. Memang hobby kau buat aku stress kan?
- - -
Bila nak dekat raya mesti kena kemas rumahkan?
Nilah yang aku jumpa.

Model kereta kayu Abah. Ada banyak lagi.
Jangan bagitahu Abah aku terpatahkan layar kapal kayu beliau.

B-747 kesayangan Abah. Kata beliau banyak kenangan.

A-320 Air Asia MU. Aku suka kapal dia, tak suka company dia.
* sedang mencari JAL Hello Kitty special edition, sila bagitahu kalau jumpa.

Bila malam, sah2 la kena prepare makanan.
Part ni paling aku tunggu2 setiap tahun.
Sebab aku handal. *hidung kembang

Mak kata, "Bukan anak jawa namanya
kalau tak reti buat ketupat.."

Tangan sipoo terhebat, juara anyam
ketupat 8 tahun berturut2 Delloyds Berhad.

Tadaa.. Hensem kan ketupat aku?
*kembang lagi

Sekian sesi merelease tension aku.
Nak upload banyak2 malas.
Nanti nak buat while ngan post stage plak. Hehe.

August 28, 2010

Pesan Mak

Teringat aku kata2 sorang bijak pandai,
"Berbahagialah mereka yang dijemput menghadap Allah di bulan Ramadhan.."
lebih kurang macam tulah. Siapa yang tak nak? Besar ganjaran buat dia.

Petang tadi Mak balik dengan muka hambar sangat. Balik dari hospital. Saudara sebelah arwah nenek yang rapat dengan Mak dah tak ada. Mak rasa terkilan yang amat sangat.

Selesai buka puasa, Mak panggil aku dan Ijat duduk sekejap dekat dining table. Kami pun dengarlah apa Mak nak cakap. Mak cerita, waktu di hospital Mak sampai betul2 in a nick of time. Bila Mak jumpa arwah Mak usap2 kaki, tangan dia, katakan yang dia dah datang nak menjenguk. Elok Mak cakap tu terus mesin pernafasan tu bunyi panjang... Nurse sahkan arwah dah pergi. Anak2 arwah bagitahu Mak memang arwah tunggu anak saudara dia yang seorang ni..

Mak rasa kesal sangat. Arwah memang nak jumpa Mak dari minggu lepas, waktu tu arwah sihat walafiat lagi. Jadi Mak fikir kalau mungkin Sabtu depan [hari ni] bolehlah datang jenguk dia. Aku faham Mak sibuk sangat dengan kerja, dengan Abah tak sihatnya. Tapi siapa sangka hari nilah hari terakhir Mak jumpa dia. Tak sempat nak berborak dengan arwah. Aku tahu Mak kecewa sangat.

Jadi pada kami Mak pesan, Abah tu dah tak sihat sangat. Jagalah perasaan dia, apa yang dia nak. Kalau dia marah2 tu biasalah orang tak sihat. Kita sendiri kalau tak sihat pun macam2 kerenahnya. Despite semua tu Abah sayang anak2 dia. Tak pernah sekali tangan dia hinggap kat badan atau muka. Bila berkemampuan lebih Abah bawak satu family pergi melancong jauh2. Bila dia tak sihat tu ambil beratlah pasal dia. Mak tak nak anak2 Mak terkilan macam mana Mak rasa hari ni..

Aku tahu perasaan tu bila aku tak sempat mintak maaf dengan arwah Atuk. Tapi kalau dengan Abah, aku tak tahulah macam mana aku nak menghadap perasaan tu sepanjang hidup aku. Aku akan rindu gelak tawa Abah bila dia bercerita zaman muda dia, cerita2 pasal World War II, kapal terbang, nasihat2 dia. Aku takkan dapat dengar tu semua lagi. Aku tak nak semua tu. Tapi kadang2 aku sendiri lupa. For God sake I curse myself for that. Permudahkanlah semuanya ya Allah..Amin.

August 20, 2010


It's been a day since I thought about it.
Merely in a verge, I held myself together.
But it's clear that I'm starting to crumble down.

If you were given a chance, what will you choose?

To continue on keeping the one that you love very dearly
so that he will see you grow up gracefully,
have your own family and give him lotsa grandchildren.
But he has to continue on suffering from his pain.

Or to ask God to take him away so that his suffering will end,
and that He will care for him on behalf of us, which he deserves so.
But he won't be there the day you get married, the day you have your first child.
Or even earlier, the day you graduated from college.
What will you choose?

Will you have the strength to choose?
Will you have the strength to bear the consequences?
Will you be able to hold your tears from bursting out?

Will you regret the old days when you put him to sadness and agony?

"I have seen the kids grew up becoming nice people, and I know my time is near,
so I'm at ease if He's going to take me away. I accept it.."

August 12, 2010


Assalamualaikum buat yang membaca.
Atau yang terbaca. :p

Not really a big deal tapi aku rasa merah jugaklah pipi aku dibuatnya.
A few moments ago setelah selesai aku bersiap, aku terpandang hijab yang ku beli dari Ilsya Hijab kepunyaan sahabatku Yaya and sisters. Geram dengan hijabnya yang labuh dan kainnya yang jatuh cantik.

Bergayalah aku depan cermin, siap bergambar lagi. Tapi aku terlupa nak tutup pintu bilik rapat, junior aku lalu depan bilik terbelek2 tengok aku. Scenery memang canteklah. Aku dah malu, dia senyum2. "Akak nampak canteklak pakai selendang.." HAHA. Aku? Lawak antarabangsa sekejap.

A few seconds bersenda ketawa dengan dia sekejap, dia pun sambung basuh baju. Aku.. Malu sendiri. Adoii...
Malu aku malu... T_T

August 5, 2010

Wake Up Call 2


Hari ni sangat buat aku terkejut. In fact, all of B.Ed TESL semester 6 terkejut. Mana taknya, PRACTICAL DICEPATKAN KE JANUARY 2011! Haha. One freakin commotion. Aku? Aku nak jadi teacher? Seriously. Do I look like a teacher? XD

Mulalah masing2 memikirkan masa depan yang makin pendek..
Dan terpikir akan Ili Aqilah untuk merepair result selepas practical nanti memandangkan ada masa lebih. Bijaklah kau Ili. Thanx for that offer yaw!

Since Mara support aku sampai 2012 (walhal aku dah habis study masa tu) so I was thinking, what harm will I get? Maybe fenin sikit lah masa nak membayar nanti. But way long back then that He had plans for me for my future. Despite ungratefulness aku towards Dia rupanya ini rancangan Dia buat aku. Cuma aku yang tak nampak.

Teringat aku waktu semester 1 degree dulu. Blazing with passions! Tapi disebabkan satu subjek yang aku rasa tak sepatutnya dapat D, terus aku putus harapan. Main2 sampai senior year. Padahal aku attend semua lecture kelas tu, hantar semua assignments, final exam, tak tidur malam study. Tapi dapat D? Bukan aku sorang dapat D. Logic ke? Subjek aku yang lain paling low B je. Lecturer tu pulak memang terkenal akan kehandalannya menggagalkan students during that time.. Sikalang dia sula oke la.

Baru sekarang aku terasa semangat nak belajar tu datang balik. Aku main2 pun pointer aku oke. Cuba aku study serius, haha. Berapa boleh dapat ek?

Teasers : Maseh palat dek penangan 4 hours non-stop kelas literature.
Itu bukan simple presentation. Itu micro-teaching.
Lord Voldemort present je dah sejam lebih.