December 31, 2010

Head Shot

Victory's sweet.. :)
Everything tastes super cavity sweet yesterday.

My Proposal's accepted.
So I can move on with the real term paper.

The book that I ordered few weeks ago has finally arrived.
Now I can work on my term paper, again.

FINALLY, after a few months of effort finishing Resident Evil 4,

Oh yeah.
FYI, Saddler's the final boss.
He's a tough nut to crack though. :/
But hey, blowing the crap out of his head felt REALLY good. :D
That's something a girl shouldn't say. :p

This is what the battle's like.
But that player used a lot of mine darts and preferred to use his own hands.
I used my brain though. XD
A couple of Magnum, a rocket launcher and the facilities they got there.
No mess.
Less than 7 minutes.

Bapak ah cakap besa. XD
[Resident Evil 2 & 4, check. Final Fantasy 7,8,9, check. Parasite Eve 1&2, check. Eh, what else ah? Oh. Persona 4, check. Hn..]

December 29, 2010

Doodle: Fire in ze hole!

Nak pegi menembak
Berkarat camera aku kat rumah!

ps: Gambar adalah hiasan semata2

December 28, 2010

Within the Walking Distance

So cold.

Tiny speckles of those white flakes keep pouring down and melts as they touch the virgin ground. She gazes from the pane of her own pied-à-terre, eyes rest on a murky yet seemingly warm room across.


Bitter smile carves on her face. Reaching for her long black trench coat, she heads out towards the road reservedly as a mule. The night befalls darker, not a trace of shadow but her own keeping her company.

Ah... So long has this flee become?

Her long legs sullen from the walk, she leans on the sleeping old cedar, facing the frozen lake. So sombre the moon beams her remaining lights before she too, falls asleep like the old cedar. Chafing her cheeks for heat, her eyes and thoughts still forlorn.

"Why do you have to stay so vivid in me?"

Tears break from the pond of her eyelids. One must remained enemy, one is destined to be enemy, the words of her forefathers bleed her ears. A gush of warm wind touches her back. Viciously she stands, immobilising the hand of the dark tall figure behind her. But it is his, first seizing her right hand and rest it on his chest. This warmth, she knows it.

"Because your heart belongs to me, for it is mine, that belongs to you."

A slight of the moon's gleam falls onto him, revealing his slate grey hair and crimson red left eye.
Him. The dweller of that inviting room, the dweller of her whole being.

December 25, 2010

Onna no Chikara!!!

Hello, I'm Rudolf the rain deer with red gleaming nose.
Not magic but flu. XD
*Stuffing more tissues inside nostril

I seldom get sick but once they strike me, haha.
Almost hospitalised once. XD
Nice. Just what I need when I got my term paper,
tests, etcetra etcetra going on.
Can't sleep...
Gomen kudasai, hahaue.
Oyaku ni tatenakute sumimasen.
Atama to hana ga itai desu. T.T

I look exactly like Yui's condition.

Power up!
Ima super gal!
Onna no chikara!!!
* puts on girl power songs and head bangs till morning

December 23, 2010


I still can't put off the dream of owning a BJD.
The thing is, it is very hard to find a good looking Japanese BJD.
I guess the Korean did it better.
(And this coming from a Japanese stuff fan!)

I didn't say Japan BJD makers sucks,
perhaps they are more towards making loli-shota-looking (young cute boys) dolls.
Gehh..I like bishies but not shota.
But hey, look what I just found!

Meet Kamimura Minoru. :3
Super Dolfie Limited Edition type.
Cho~ taipu!!!!!!!
(Bye bye Patrick! XD)

But it's not always a bed or roses.
He costs $1210.
Convert to Malaysian Ringgit : RM 3790. . . .
Mak will definitely chased me with sweeping broom all the way to Thailand borders.
Read the label girl, LIMITED EDITION...

The least I can do is to dream.
He's so out of budget.
See you when I got RM 100,000 Kamimura-kun! T.T

He's so darn cute :3

December 19, 2010


hari ini aku meratap melihat page online game yang selalu aku main dulu.
Cerberus yang aku rindui..
Dek kerana laptop aku tak menepati spec most of online games sekarang,
aku cuma mampu tengok dan melelehkan air liur.
Dah tak boleh panggil diri hardcore gamer lagi.
Babai, Shin Megami Tensei..

Hensem an?

December 17, 2010

Doodle: The Dream w/o Pennies

Malam yang sejok.
I just noticed that this is the 104th post here in bologger. com.
No celebration.
Unless your gonna foot the bill for me. :D

how to say,
how I wish,
I have all the money in the world.
Bapak tamak. XD

Suppressing the desire that
has been kept for the
last 6 months,
I finally had enough of it.
Yeah sure, blame me for
having a weird and
expensive hobby.
Should I get a macro lens or a BJD?
They cost almost the same.
I want both!

Why do BJDs have to cost so much? T.T
And no outlet from Malaysia. Chi.
Dream on baby, dream on...
Hic. Hic.

Bye bye, Shall.
Bye bye, A&D.
Bye bye, Patrick Limited Edition.

*wink wink

Please, no dirty thoughts.
I just want them to be my photo shoot models.

December 16, 2010

Doodle: Stressed out mode

I hate lesson plans.
I don't want to be a teacher.
I don't like to be forced to do things that are out of my multiple intelligences.
And then calling me stupid for not being able to accomplish it.
Who's stupid now?
You call a truck driver stupid because he does not excel in his academics?
Geez, just put a gun in my mouth and end my life.
I'm no robot, IF YOU NOTICED.

December 10, 2010

The Mundane Morning

Assalamualaikum. :)
Sopannye anak sapelah ni..

It's 5 in the morning and my head is filled with thoughts, instead of dreams.
This insomnia is killing me. But I guess the bright side will be having a serene environment to think and reflect my day. Today's main concern will be the solid fact that I'm such a pathetic cry baby and sensitive but also thoughtless human being.

Mak text me yesterday, sounded so down about her boss being admitted to the hospital, diagnosed for brain tumour. I don't really know that person. Met him during the department's family day, packed with energy and refreshing aura, making anyone instantly comfortable being around him. Also, a person who will defend his co-workers at all cost, making him the most lovable superior. It's an epic story, too good to be true but yeah, he's real.

But Mak was probably missing me for not going back over a week. You can't resist having me around do ya, Mak? :)

And the fact that some fella acting up all racist, ruining my night. Geez... if you can't live in a multi-racial environment, just get the hell outta Malaysia. Sicko. You never belong here in the first place the moment you become all racist.

And the prime concern of the day, guys that love toying around with the girls around them. Fragility and innocence makes this kind girls the easy target. And all that a guy have to do is to fake his care for the girl and she fall head over heels. You can never trust those smooth operator, sweet-talking guy right? It's okay Aya, you have me. :) It's his lost, toying around with a nice girl like you. Yeah. Remind me why I have trustworthy issues toward males.

In the end, all that's left is me. Sitting alone in the dark channelling the brain waves into thoughts and later takes over by the fingers to code them as letters-words-sentences. There goes Syntax and Morphology.
Alas, have a nice morning to begin with.
I'm going back to sleep.
*takes Mr.Sony, pushes the play button for YuXMishi's Akane and fall into deep sleep

December 4, 2010


Eh. Assalamualaikum.
Saya rindu mahu bologing.

Saya kemaruk mahu pegi shooting.
Siapa mahu ajak saya?
Tapi saya belum basuh baju lagi.
Term paper proposal pun tak siap lagi.
Tolong buatkan boleh?
Saya upah RM 10.

Saya yang mahu pergi Kamchatka,
sekian terima kaseh. :D