July 17, 2011


Heaven knows how much I tensed with every given veins inside my body.
And how much I hate it when my mind is not in a working mode.
And how much it makes every single micro of face oil turns to cranky zits on my face!
And how much I knew the fact that this being is specifically built for thinking and working and travelling and not cramping inside a 4X4 hot stinking room with no reliable air-ventilation.
Damn, I really need to get outta this house asap.

Anybody cares to invite me on a long mind-developing journey?

July 13, 2011

Summer Wine

Pada satu pagi, aku rasa ngantuk sekali.
Tapi kalau sambung tidur Mak mesti pakat pecah pintu bilik aku.
Maka aku pun bosan.
Dan aku pun keluar lah belakang rumah jalan2.

Aku tangkap gambar semut api tapi aku tak tahu macam mana nak edit.
Sekian terima kasih.

July 1, 2011

Stop & Stare

It took quite a few minutes to put my thoughts into words. Likewise, I'm no Einstein or perhaps in this context Mark Twain of the Adventure of Tom Sawyer or Edgar Allan Poe of Cask of Amontillado, which I still find it excruciatingly hard to understand.

Out of boredom awaiting for the others to come back from work, I scavenged the tower of dust sealing my dvd collections, in search of some mere entertainment. After a stress-reliever session of dancing like an old gypsy lady throughout the opening song of GTO (Yes, I watch Great Teacher Onizuka): The Anime, I sat on the couch watching intently.

I would say that he's pretty much innocent (put aside his perverse nature). Yes, that sounds brilliantly stupid. Why? He's the victim of a failed education system. Anyway, it reminded me of the days before I went for my practicum. Again, this sounded really dumb but I did use GTO and Gokusen for my reference. I'm not sure why.

Partners in crime, Ain Eza & Leman.

I had a major emotional breakdown during those days teaching the hormonal rage teens. Believe me, teaching is the last profession I had in mind. Which I think resulting me in having phobia of being around strangers. Nevertheless, time cures. The rapport between me and the students are much better then. And I miss them a lot.

I've always wanted to say this, "Sekolah kau boleh ke buat camni?" *snort XD

Halls of SMK. Sultan Abdul Samad, Banting.
[Damn, the picture quality's deteriorating.]