March 30, 2011

Doodle: Sardine

Hm. Ha.
Cat got my tongue.

It's been like forever since the last post.
It feels like everything's about to burst particularly in this post.
So here we go.

Event 1:
I love last weeks lesson with 1 Bestari. Heck I forgot to document it in mah camera. I was doing an activity in this class which requires them to work in groups. So when the 1st three groups finished at the same time they were fighting (not literally la :p) to present their works first. So I had them to Lat Talilat first. What's beautiful is that each group was represented by a Malay, an Indian and a Chinese student. They were soooooo happy Lat Talilat-ing in front of the class with their friends screaming with support at the back. Honestly, that's the first time I ever experience the real 1 Malaysia. It was really beautiful. Damn, I'm gonna miss these kids once the practicum is over. :)

Event 2:
Yesterday, Abah was supposed to have his fistular surgery but it was postponed to this Thursday. Which is tomorrow. So that morning when we arrived at HUKM, I saw Hans Issac. As in the actor. Heck. No biggie. But then I saw him pushing an old lady in a wheel chair. I guess it maybe his grandma or mother. Now that's something. I mean, we RARELY see someone who is popular and at the same time cares for their sick family member. At that point I thought, W0W.. He's the ideal husband I'm gonna snatch from everyone! Haha.

Event 3:
I'm not sure when was the last time I shoot anything. So I guess this is the latest subject of my interest. Haha. I lap BJD, I lap BJD, I lap BJD. XD

March 16, 2011

Here's to Life

I wonder if I'm still living a normal young-adult life at the moment.
So many fears, so many doubts, so many commitments.

I'm not sure with the points that I would like to elaborate but things sure are in a mess. Seeing the current situation I felt the obligation to financially and physically support my family. ASAP. I mean, to hell with this..practicum period. Yes, I get experiences but no, it's draining a lot of my pocket money. How the hell am I supposed to help my family?

Yesterday's a long pain-staking day. Waiting is an agony. Abah had a minor surgery. It seemed both of his hands couldn't be use to circulate the blood any more.Which meant the only option left was to plant a tube in his chest.
Seeing his agonising face enduring the pain, I was left speechless.

I felt like crying. But Mak always told me not to do so. You gotta be strong for the family. Crying is for the weaklings who lost hope. Who am I to argue? But seeing his face eagerly swallowing the dinner I made, I couldn't help but to cry.He hasn't eaten for almost two days. And to see him going for the second round, gingerly waiting for Mak to spoon-feed him, it's like heaven. And he compliments my cooking. I don't usually cook. I'm a lazy cook.
So that, just changes everything.

I admit that I'm a weak person. I'm not as strong as Mak. 21 years of raising her children, 17 years taking care of my sick father.I doubt any other mother could do such a thing, possesses a will and strength as Mak. My mother.
So does Abah. The most hardcore, strong-willed person I have ever met. And he can still goof around his friends even though he's in pain. My father.

I am so proud of these two.
I guess I just gotta endure some more.
Work my way through life.
Please don't take them away from me, O' Allah.