May 25, 2011


Tis' I know well.
I could never leave this web, excruciating web.
For my aid is vital, mending every strand of its' string.
Though my being slowly descends, to the depths of despair.

Help me.
I'm drowning.
- May 25th, 9.37pm

May 7, 2011

The Bear Attempt - Part 1

One day I found this little guy hanging around with his/her
I dunno the real gender -_-;) mother,
which is my house mate back when we're doing our practicum.

Me: Who on earth neglects this thing in my house?

Lil' Brownie: Ewou mommy's fwend! I'm Bwownie.
Me: Bwownie? Not brownie?
Lil' Brownie: I shaid Bwownie! Bwownie!
Me: Yeah whatever.

Later he/she played cute in front of me.
Well- I couldn't resist cute things.

Oh, here comes Ichi.
Ichi: Huh? What the hell is this?
Lil' Brownie: I'm sho cute..I'm sho cute.. :D

Me: Ichi don't step on the poor bear!!

It's a good thing her/his mom didn't scowl at me.
Moral of the story: Don't scatter your child all over the place.