February 13, 2011

the Welcoming

11 February 2010, 11.00pm.
Yippee! Tis' agony finally met it's end!
To Mr. Kagaya, make sure you write my address correctly next time.
I don't want banana to fruit two times.

Let's see.. What do we have here?

Haha! It really is for me!

Ouh.. (rapid heartbeats)

Finally, fresh air! Oh. Umm..who are you?
-Me? gulps.

Argh! What happen to me? Where's my hair? My clothes?
*went to look for his hair
-Anoo..Mr..your clothes are still under layaway. Sorry!
*nervously giggled

Oh. Umm.. Nevermind. That's a bad start.
Tonikaku, let's have our Jikou Shokai (self-introduction).
Miyazaki Kou desu. Kimi wa?
-Ehh..me? Kai is fine. :) and welcome!

(Stalking his beautiful limbs)
Are you..checking out my feet? (Shyly pulling his feet away)
-Oh! Haha. Sorry.

My neck's kinda stiff. Can I lay down for a while?
-Sure. It's your home too from now on. :)

-I wonder what was on his mind?

Umm..Kai? Do you mind if I take a nap? It's been a long journey.
Promise we'll hangout again tomorrow okay? ;)
-Ahh..sure do. I know it's pretty tiring. Get enough sleep. :D

And so I left him as I went to prepare to go to school.
Lucky for him he got enough sleep.
Me on the other hand, I almost fell asleep in the staff room.

February 6, 2011

Motivation gauge's running low.
Heyya blog, I miss ya.
Sorry I was too busy these days.

But things are pretty out of hand.
My package's yet to arrive, and it's driving me crazy.
And it seems my anger management skill's going downhill as well.
What's wrong with me I don't have a clue.
Damn I want my life back.